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WeChat cross border advertisting
Drive Chinese consumers to your merchants
Drive Chinese consumers to merchants


World No. 1 all-in-one social messaging platform that connect your brand to 980M monthly active users.

Secure storage

Location based + Behavior

Destination targeting: target Chinese tourists upon arrival at their destinations, as well as demographic and behavior.

Fans Conversion

WeChat enable everything from online to offline(O2O) marketplaces, converts in-store visitors to followers, vice versa.


WeChat support various formats of online coupon while WeChat payment offers flexibility to brands to customize discount, drive traffic and boost sales.


Ready to go Wechat store providing seamless shopping experience.

source : WeChat ID : ad_helper

WeChat Moment Ad

Cross Border | Local
Per Impression
Display at Moment ONLY when target customers enter the target destination

Demographic and behaviour targeting
Target Chinese travellers in 43+ countries / regions
Ideal for driving offline Sales
source : WeChat ID : ad_helper

WeChat Banner Ads

CPC Cost (Per Click)
Display at Bottom Banner when target users visit any Official Accounts

Demographic and behavior targeting
Performance-based pricing
Available in different format like fan driving, coupon, app download
source : WeChat ID : ad_helper

KOL/Influencer marketing

CPV (Per View by Fans)
Post Message on KOL's Official Account

Plentiful of KOL/ influencer categories to match promotion target
Leverage the influencing power of KOL/ influencer
Best for branding and drawing awareness
Global Coverage
BlueOcean Ad cover 43+ Countries / regions including : China,Argentina, UAE, Egypt, Australia, Macao, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Philippines, Finland, Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Malaysia, United States, Myanmar, Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan Province, Turkey, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam